Saturday, September 15, 2012

Birthing class and burritos!

We had our first birthing class today. It was a fantastic experience with some very nice people. The whole philosophy of the class made me much more comfortable with the fact that I won't really be able to understand anyone in the labor room. Well, that is anyone except Tony. My doctor does also speak English, so I can speak to him, when he's around, which I have a feeling won't be all that often.

Also, since the Japanese system is very hands off and anti-medical intervention, I will more than likely not have any sort of pain relief. I'm happy with this, but obviously need some method to get through the process. The class is called Hypnobirthing, which sounds very new agey and weird, but really isn't. The whole philosophy is based on the idea that most of our pain in childbirth comes from fear and the resistance to the labor process. So, they teach techniques on how to relax throughout labor and allow it to happen. The reviews are amazing. I suppose I'll find out soon enough if I agree with the reviews. Seven weeks left as of tomorrow!

The other good news about our class is that it is in Azabu Juban, one of my favorite neighborhoods in Tokyo. Not that I've seen that much of Tokyo, but it's a cute little neighborhood with great shopping and restaurants, including Frijoles! My favorite (read only) burrito place in the Kanto Plain. I even got photographic evidence, as always when I'm excited about a meal, or want to brag about it to Todd, I took a photo, not a very exciting photo, but it was a delicious burrito.

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