Thursday, November 1, 2012

November: Photos and Baby

November has arrived and I'm still very pregnant. As I am now getting into the swing of this whole stay-at-home-wife business, I will soon get to change all of that with my new stay-at-home-mom/new-mom role. Exciting!

One of my goals over the last few months, has been to take more photos (oh and to maintain my blog, ha!). I take millions when we travel, but very few when it's just normal life, but I suppose that is not unusual. Obviously, with the baby on the way, I will have a constant source of inspiration here in my apartment very soon. But until then, I'm going to attempt to do something slightly more creative by participating in a Photo-A-Day Challenge. Now, off to find things that start with the letter C. Too bad I've already used the crib photo!

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